Thursday, 17 January 2008

BlueCross - Show Your Support!

"Lady and her six puppies are very happy and healthy dogs that lost fat using the Fat Burning Furnace. The sad thing is that Lady was very nearly put to sleep. If she had not been rescued by The Blue Cross, Lady, like thousands of dogs across the UK, would almost certainly not be here today…

Lady and her pups are just seven amongst more than 6000 unwanted, stray and abandoned animals that are taken in by The Blue Cross each year. The Blue Cross is working harder than ever before to find and rescue stray and unwanted pets that would otherwise be put down.

In 2008 The Blue Cross expects to take in 400 dogs from other organisations that simply do not have the resources, or the facilities to care for the number of animals that come through their doors."

The Organic Dog Food Blog fully supports BlueCross.

Please register free and show your support at BlueCross.

Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Truth About Dog Food - Dog Food Secrets

I would like to recommend an amazing book Dog Food Secrets that literally adds years to your dogs life. I own two dogs and have been using this book for tha last year and I will say that it both opened my eyes and more importantly helped my dogs become much fitter and healthier. The book covers everything you ever wanted to know about dog food and what it is really made from. You will find out how to find the best quality healthy and organic dog food. You also get some cool dog food recipies which I have been using for the last few months and I have to say my dogs love them. You really need to checkout the site for all the details because I have only scratched the suface of what you get. You can visit the site HERE.

Dog Food Secrets

Organic Dog Food?

Organic Dog Food for your dog(s) is just as important as organic food for you and your family. Why? Well, the same reasons why it is important for you. Normal pet food contains meat and vegetables from animals that have been intensively farmed and often force fed to make them bigger. Often the parts of the animals that we as humans do not want to eat are given to our pets. The vegetables that are also placed with the meant often have been treated with pesticides and other chemicals which can harm your pet dog. You DO NOT need to spend a fortune buying expensive organic dog food as there are now plenty of companies making organic pet food making the prices very competitive.

You may be wondering why I have put together this rather niche blog? Well, it's because I love my pet dogs and I want to give them the best food possible so they can fully enjoy there short lives. Stick around whilst I discuss the best organic dog food on the market and give you advice on other Dog related items you may find interesting!