Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Truth About Dog Food - Dog Food Secrets

I would like to recommend an amazing book Dog Food Secrets that literally adds years to your dogs life. I own two dogs and have been using this book for tha last year and I will say that it both opened my eyes and more importantly helped my dogs become much fitter and healthier. The book covers everything you ever wanted to know about dog food and what it is really made from. You will find out how to find the best quality healthy and organic dog food. You also get some cool dog food recipies which I have been using for the last few months and I have to say my dogs love them. You really need to checkout the site for all the details because I have only scratched the suface of what you get. You can visit the site HERE.

Dog Food Secrets


Aaren said...

Your dog food may be killing your best friend . Most people are under the mistaken belief that if you spend a few dollars more on expensive dog food, the premium brands, that that ensures that your pet is eating higher quality, healthy food.You would be mistaken, and that could cost your dearly loved dog his or her life. Dog food manufacturers have kept the truth from the general public.

The Fact Is, Processed Dog Foods Contain:

1. Cancer-causing preservatives
2. Road kill
3. Dogs and cats euthanized from pet shelters
4. Euthanized zoo animals
5. Animal feces
6. The poison used to kill the dogs, cats and zoo animals

Does that alarm you? Of course it does. And even if these ingredients do not kill your pet, it will certainly contribute to poor health, meaning an unhappy pet and expensive trips to the vet. But there may be a solution.

The plan is very simple: Discontinue using commercial dog food, learn how to read labels, and learn how to prepare your very own home-cooked dog food that is simple to prepare and will also save you tons of money.


Guaranteed ROI

Jack said...

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Jack said...

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Michelle@catchfriday said...

Great blog! Very informative, not all expensive and high quality brands of dog foods are good for your dog...

Michael Chibuzor said...

Thanks for sharing some powerful secrets about our dog and
their nutrition. I'm sure going to link to your blog post as
well as subscribe to your rss feed right away.

Dog Homemade Food